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Tips on Selling Character Designs

Have you ever wondered how some cartoon characters became so famous – with hundreds or thousands of merchandise bearing their names and images? Remove the ones with animated series out of the equation since they have a marketing medium – and you still have a handful of characters out there who became famous through the merit of their designs. Examples are Julius the Monkey and Emily the Stange.

This article discusses some tips for creating and selling cartoon characters.

Cute VS Cool

Are your characters cute or cool? Cute characters easily attract the females and the young children markets – two of the largest consumer markets. Character merchandise is often cheaper and more affordable. Therefore profit through sheer volumes of sales can be quite astounding.

Cool characters are more suitable as collectibles, and often cater more to the male market. As they are often more exclusive and expensive, sales volumes are seldom as impressive as cute character merchandise.

In the spirit of games development, decision makers might simply want to pick a design that is most suited for the game concept. But as far as possible, if the game concept so allows, do try to go for cute characters because they stand a higher chance of getting licensed for merchandising.

Character Bible

A character bible is the foundation for every product that would stem from an intellectual property – be it a game, animated series, comic, story book etc. Regardless of the resulting product, everything should refer back to the character bible. This is what the bible is all about – a kind of blueprint for an intellectual property besides being a showcase for the intellectual property.

Style Guide

A style guide to showcase your characters in their full glory is absolutely necessary if you plan to license your characters. The average licensee is often quite unimaginative and seldom sees beyond what you show them. So if you are showing them screen captures of your game, hoping that they would see the full potential of your character designs, chances are they will not. A style guide with multiple poses and designs of each character would help them understand and appreciate your character designs better.

Product Concept Boards

In your style guide, it would be good to include product concept boards. These are renderings of mock products with your character designs integrated within. Product concept boards are great for letting potential licensees see how they can use your character designs on their products.

Top 3 Anime Series

# 1 – Sword Art Online

There it is! My all time favorite anime series! Sword Art Online is a combination of everything that I love to see in the anime. It has lots of action, a sense of adventure, a strong friendship, and romance flushed. The series has become very popular, and I am pleased to say that I can not wait for the new film and also the third season. There is something special about the first arc, which covers approximately the first 14 or so episodes. This arc, known as arc Aincrad, is when they get stuck in the game and fight for their lives. how we can see the progress of the main character being a loner, for friends to get, and eventually fall in love is really amazing. Even after this arc, viewers will follow along on many adventures and get to meet all sorts of new characters.

So you’ve never heard of Sword Art Online yet? Wow! The anime series began with the launch of a brand new MMORPG Virtual Reality, which allows players to really immerse themselves in the game. However, the players soon discovered that this was a trap set up by the creator, and they can not log out. If they die in the game, they die in real life. We followed Kirito as he fights in the world Aincrad to try and remove all 100 levels and returned to the real world. Along the way, we met a lot of great, supporting character like Asuna, Klein, Liz, and lots more!

There you have it! list of top anime series based on my personal experience with each of the series and as a fan of anime. I have watched a lot of anime in the day and can say that the third one is really taking the top, at least for me. There are many other anime series of good out there and I would love to hear everyone’s mind.

# 2 – Log Horizon

This anime is pretty much my obsession at this point. No, seriously, I listened to the theme song on the way to and from work each day. The anime series did a fantastic job of explaining the world that the characters within. By doing this, they kept the audience interested in the bigger picture, not just the fighting that at what time and place. This leads to much greater immersion in the anime. I felt as if I were part of the world, going through the challenges that the characters are going through. It is another anime about the people who are stuck in a game, but no other anime comes close to explaining the world that they are stuck in. The anime also does an amazing job explaining the political side of the game. Not all adventure and action, mostly, in fact, is trying to keep this world, that they find themselves in, went smoothly and peacefully.

So what is the basic log horizon? Elder Tale is a highly successful MMORPG that has engulfed the entire world. However, after their latest update, some players, more than a thousand in various servers, discovered that they were actually in the game. The players, known as an adventurer, must learn how to survive and adapt to this new world. They know the game, but it was much different when your actual body and you do not stare at the computer screen. The series follows a brilliant strategist known as Shiroe, which ended up being the one behind bringing together some of the most powerful unions in the game to establish order in the world.

# 3 – Neon Genesis Evangelion

You know how they say you never forget your first time? Well it goes for me with this anime; Neon Genesis Evangelion is the first anime series I’ve ever really get into. This event has an addictive combination of action, drama, and suspense. I have to keep watching in order to find out what will happen to the character that I came to be attached to. series did a fantastic job in the advancement of character throughout the series, especially through the rough moments. As a viewer, I feel for the main characters as they go through the challenges that the story put them through.

If you’ve never heard of Evangelion, the event is pretty awesome, though very sad in the end. basic is the world recovers from the global catastrophe known as the second impact, and according to sacred document known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, powerful creatures known as the angel would come to attack. A military organization known as NERV take forward in defense of humanity. Their weapons? Mysterious, yet powerful, humanoid robot known as Evangelion, or eva for short. pilot they must carefully choose, not just anyone can be a pilot for one of these monsters. The three main pilots are all young, they are chosen for a variety of reasons and for those more specific that you learned about it later in the series. Shinji, Asuka, and Rei is the main three pilots that make up the story.

How Video Animation 3D Animation Helps in Increasing World Animation

Animation magic tiger has ushered in a revolution in the advertising world, creating a canvas that is both interesting and entertaining. Across the world, the animation continues to fire the imagination.
This technology has evolved over time with new development enables superior control and visual rendering frames and more life like. There has been a significant increase in 3D animation as well. Although most of us see this development through the latest games and movies, other areas of the aircraft design for weather forecasting reap the benefits of integrating 3D animation with virtual reality and simulation techniques.
Introduction of 3D Animation
To put it simple, the 3D animation is a three-dimensional representation of the various elements. This technology allows the elements to be modeled with finesses as it resembles a real physical object. A filmmaker can use the same camera angle on a given graphics as they would have in real life – front, rear, side, top, bottom, from every angle. They can also use different lighting environments to highlight the unique texture and visual equip with additional data to create realistic frames for use in old movies. 3D is a visual beauty that can mesh seamlessly with live video streaming.
Benefits of 3D Animation
• 3D video animations provide spatial awareness and provides a sense of reality.
• A great way conceptualization of ideas that have yet to take shape realistic.
• Assist in creating visually appealing and fun element
• It is easier to communicate about things and their relationship with the world as intended.
• Can reproduce events that are difficult to demonstrate or expensive to create in a real world environment.
• Unlimited possibilities to show things that can not be described through images or 2D animation.
Scope 3D Animation
Technology highly accessible and versatile have a variety of individual users and small businesses to large conglomerates and institutions. This technology is very important for long-term planning as the flexibility allows people to see a realistic rendering of how the elements discussed will perform in real life situations. From providing spatial rendering of a cyclone is coming to the efficiencies that can be generated from the new engine, the technology can be used for various applications.
Where the sector of 3D Animation Technology Can Be Used
There are a variety of sectors and industries where technology can make a difference. It can be used for advertising, marketing, corporate films, cartoons, games, educational programs, the entertainment industry and for the media sector. Corporations can explain the benefits of a product from concept to installation. The software industry can use it to show how the technology can work in both the front and back ends. The construction sector can create a video animation of the building, floor plans and other civilian infrastructure to show how the concept will look after the execution. People can also use 3D technology for effective education and training programs, customer presentations and website. certain industries such as advertising, mining and games regularly use this technology for the operation of internal and external customer engagement.
This versatile communication media can produce amazing results in a short time. Using creative storyboard mixed with an innovative image, we can create a new world that is close to reality. This technology is expected to soon become an integral part of the corporate world and creating new frontiers for end-user intervention.
Houses Road Films is a video production company based in New Delhi. They offer many services related to films such as video Explainer, Training Video, the film company, Identity Graphics, Video Products, Motion Advertising, etc.

Tips for Effective Exaggeration

At the heart of successful animated lie 12 principles. One of them is redundant, which refers to the act of taking certain elements and stretching them beyond the realm of normal. All animation needs some kind of exaggeration, even animation trying to be realistic, because excessive create animations come to life, appealing to viewers, and add comedic relief to the contrary intense scenes. Excessive poorly executed, however, may reduce rather than add to the appeal and impact of a work of animation. As a result, excessive effectively requires careful work with traditional animation studio. Here are some tips for successfully using exaggeration in animation production.

Exaggerating The Most Important Elements.

The first step in creating an excessive effective way is to select the element to exaggerate. Key when making this decision is to remember that redundant element will get the most attention from the audience. Therefore, the element that you choose will change the way the viewer to understand the scene. As a result, you have to choose the most important element to understand the incident.

For example, if you turn a scene where the character goes, you may decide that the movement of the waves’ most important and exaggerate them. On the other hand, you may decide that the reaction of the most important characters, and, therefore, focus on their facial features. In the first instance, viewers learn about the environment in which the characters sail, while in the second, the audience learns about the character’s personality. Making the right choice will allow you to make redundant that contribute to rather than detract from your work.

Know What Your Goals Are.

Once you decide which elements to exaggerate, you will need to decide how much of an exaggeration to use. In order to make this decision, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you want to achieve with its excessive. Overuse can be used in a number of different ways. For example, you can use it to add fluid movements that make the animation look more realistic. On the other hand, you can use it to make a motion that adds comedy caricature, or add personality and appeal.

Each of these goals, however, requires the use of slightly different from overuse. Take, for example, sailors discussed above. If you want a realistic look, you can choose to slightly exaggerate his facial expressions. However, if you want to inject humor, you can use an extreme exaggeration to give him a comedic facial expressions. The right choice would be one of the best contributions to your goals for the scene.

Maintaining The Essence of The Elements excessive.

Once you decide to exaggerate the elements, you are no longer bound by the strict parameters of reality. However, in order to exaggeration to maintain its appeal, must still have some connection to reality. Otherwise, the object or character that was exaggerated would be confusing viewers, who will no longer be able to mesh what they see on the screen with the basic rule of reality which they are accustomed.

For example, let’s say you choose to exaggerate facial features of the passage of the character on the boat. If you remove all identifying elements of the face to turn into a complete caricature scared or shocked, or fun, you will lose the essence of the character designs. viewers will no longer be able to identify or connect with them. As a result, while exaggerating any animation elements, a good rule of thumb is to take what is already there as far as expression, physical traits, or emotional, and exaggerate the elements. Thus, you increase the attractiveness of the scene to the viewer instead of discouraging it.

Create Balance.

Although viewers expect to see excessive animation and fantasy, they also want to keep one foot in reality. As a result, another key to effective redundant is to create a balance in the scene. You can do this by simply selecting some elements in each scene to exaggerate. The rest of the elements must remain a more natural and realistic. Doing this will avoid absurd or disturbing the view that will leave viewers confused or disappointed with your work.

For example, if you exaggerate facial features characters you sail, you should refrain from exaggerating their other physical features. If you choose to exaggerate the movement of the waves, you may need to refrain from exaggerating the facial features of character too. With scenes are balanced, you attract the attention of viewers with the elements they need to see, and keep them based enough in reality to enjoy the redundant elements.

Keep Your Projects Pictures.

Finally, when used excessively in animation production, you will need to maintain its appeal. Banding is quite subjective, but important, animated elements. This is what makes even a villain characters viewers will enjoy watching. Making a mistake in the steps discussed above may result in loss of attractiveness. For example, if you use too much exaggeration, viewers will tend to enjoy the animation production.

As a result, the last question that you should ask yourself is how overuse contributes to the overall appeal of this scene. It may be suitable to all the above criteria, but reduce the overall entertainment value. On the other hand, you may find that push the boundaries a little bit more adventurous and produce a display of greater appeal. As a result, excessive, because with animated elements, requiring careful craft to reach the job that the most powerful and interesting art possible.

Overuse is an effective way to bring your animations to life, if you do a video game animation, animated ads, or a feature length film. By exaggerating the most important elements, know what you want to achieve, maintain the essence of redundant elements, creating a balance, and keep your project attractive can help you to make redundant truly effective in the art of animation you.

Tips to Speed Up Animation If the Working Time

One of the most important things that ever existed in any project is the ability to save time. Perfectionists need to save time, so they can increase the value of their work. Directors should have the project ahead of time to review the work again and again and handle changes before the deadline. Great studio to be ahead of schedule.

So, here comes a bum. Who is responsible for providing animation on time? Well. Bad news. You. Yes, you, the Animator. The fate of mankind rests on your shoulders, think of yourself Hero on a journey that requires a few tips to make the adventure more fun and short.

I. HAVING HIGH APM (Actions Per Minute)

Being faster at anything, you must have a way to measure Actions Per Minute. There are two ways to copy and paste anything else in cyberspace. Navigating to the EDIT menu, and select COPY, then move your mouse again all the way to the EDIT menu, and then click PASTE. Or! You can press and hold the CTRL key on your keyboard (CMD on a Mac), and quickly press the “C” then “V”. Correct? Using the keyboard you can get higher APM from navigating through menus.

Use Shortcuts! I have seen some professionals navigate through the menu to get things done, it’s embarrassing. Believe it or not, just by using a shortcut, I was 20% faster than other animators. So what? Well, when I was doing freelance projects, clients hire me because they know I give it ahead of time, because, although we are doing the same thing to share the same process, I do it faster (using shortcuts).

Customize Shortcuts. Some software such as After Effects does not allow you to customize your shortcuts, but if you can, DO IT! The Best Keyboard Profile is the one that handles the most widely used shortcut near your right hand. The less the right hand has to move from left to right on the keyboard, it is better That’s why you should try to have all the main functions at your keyboard near the “mapping” An example could be: .. CTRL + M, CTRL + G, CTRL + TAB , CTRL + SHIFT + W, SHIFT + 3, ALT + SHIFT + 3, etc. They are all close together.

Consider using Gaming Keyboard, Mouse Gaming or Gaming Keypad. The most I would suggest is Keypad Gaming (such as Razer Orbweaver or Logitech G13) because when software does not support the customization of shortcut, you can customize the keypad you to have all the major functions next to each other, and better yet, instead of pressing three buttons (such as CTRL + SHFT + P), you just press a single button on your keypad.

Automate using Macro. You can do this if you have a Gaming Mouse, Keyboard Keypad Gaming or Gaming. A macro is a sequence of keystrokes that can automatically be pressing a special button on your keypad. For example. In the after-effects


Optimizing means to make the best use of the resources that you can use for your project. So the best way to approach your animation process is to handle the two most important things in any project. Pipeline and begin your Keyframes

Optimized Pipeline. The folder structure of all your files is very important to tackle the project with ease. Having a separate folder for your voice, music, pictures, video reference, code and project files (toon boom, after effects, etc.). In our studio, if we do a bit of motion graphics, we have them in a folder named AFTER EFFECTS, and the main project in a folder called Toon Boom, then edited in PREMIERE animation. So if there are changes to be made, we know what folder to look at, and if we need the audio file, we know exactly where to find it. Each animation schools teach the importance of this, and not just because it looks cleaner and more beautiful, but because it works.

Set Up Key Poses first, handles the details later. Yes, yes, you want to impress your boss or your friends, in a way expressive characters you can. It’s better if you block (pose your character) important keyframes first, initial position, the middle of the action and its consequences. and then add additional animation later.

III. GOOD USE RIG (Avoid unreliable)

Using good quality rig is an important, must modify keyframes and poses only means that the rig was not good and make you waste time. A good rig allows you to freely and more creative, because you can make changes to your character posing with ease, so that your animation process more dynamic. If you can not come up with a good rig, then outsourcing (have someone else do it for you) or use just to get a rig poses the key, then, forget about the rig and handle additional animation (such as the hands, head, hair) manually.

, One quick way to determine whether the rig is good, is to understand the Inverse kinematics, and have them in your rig If you do not know what you mean inverse kinematics


Recycle Keyframes. Do not waste time block code again, when the pose is very similar to the previous one is blocked, you can copy and paste keyframes and tweak them. For example, if you have a fighter giving a low blow, and later requires a high punch, copy and paste the pose, and then modify it. You will have the correct rotation of the hip, foot position, and will only need to change the height position of a fist and possibly the torso. it is much faster than having to block everything.

…. Recycle Animation I refer here to the order of keyframes The most common example is blinking Instead of manually opening and closing the eyes on the timeline, you copy and paste keyframes on it Another example would be the cycle goes: if you have to have character walk and do something with their hands, such as giving orders to other characters, you can recycle the animation, but delete the keyframes for body, hands and head, and turn them on. in this way, half the work is already done.

Use Animation long as Reference. Sometimes the perfect timing and animation curve (for interpolation) provide smooth you are looking for, but now, you are working on another project and run into problems, you just do not know what you’re doing. This is when a previous animation can help as a reference. you do is check the number of frames between keyframes, to get the timing right, and check the animation curves.

Instead of wasting time trying to achieve the same results, you can save time by getting the correct calculations examine previous projects. As time and interpolation for the keyframes foot on the Road Cycle Birds, in which each step is so energetic that make children laugh.

Why Animated Videos Should Be Professionally Designed

An interesting way to teach education, to explain some key concepts or to make a simple abstract theory is to explain via video. One of the most popular ways to do this is to use vidio animation. This video is not only fun to dinonton but more exciting than a book or paper. besides, they can encapsulate a lot of things in a few minutes. for this reason, the top video sites are full of creative content like that is not only stunning to audio-visual quality, but it also tends to make things that are hardest to appear very simple.
But it was not easy to make the videos are short and crisp without keeping important information out. It is really difficult to achieve because most people find it almost impossible to keep it short without leaving information. Thus, the corporate houses as well as academic institutions hire the services of a company that describes the video. the task of the company is to create a video that is both exciting to watch and easy to understand. At the same time, the company always ensures that its development should not be too long. Long file often bypassed by surfers who prefer short videos to save time and energy. Patience want in most people today.
In this age of technology, video explainer has become a tool that is being successfully used by the company to put across their ideas, plans and strategies. It is also used by marketing experts to market their products. The ads in this format has proved more beneficial because the product will be more eyeballs. This is to be noted that the video is catchier than written content. many people will not bother to read the five-hundred-word article but would not mind watching a five-minute video.
In addition, if the video was made in a way that is funky, it can get very high number of hits. So, how can this be achieved? Just because you make a video animation does not mean that you will succeed in drawing in the crowds. It is to be remembered that there are a number of efforts to make video plethoric day by day. Most high-end businesses putting resources into use and hire professionals to get the job done. there are technical things that have to be considered as well.
Even if the video made by a non-professional, compelling and creative, may be suffering from some technical shortcomings. As the lack of it can prevent search engines to display a link in the search bar. Just as the written content should target keywords, the video also need to involve some technical requirements and the stop of the strategy is forbidden.
For this reason, it is important to choose a professional services company explainer video. They are more discerning in more ways than one. They recruit creative-minded people who can sit over your project for hours and come up with the most striking and even thought the video. Plus, their technical input will help you to build a larger audience base and hopefully make your video go viral.

4 Nifty Tips to Choose the Right Animation Studio

Many businesses today use video animations to attract customers. Gradually but surely, the animation has emerged as an important marketing tool. However, the task of bringing alive the character sketch is one that requires hard work and of course, the skilled hands. This is the reason why people are looking for 3D character animation services should be cautious and temporary voters choose an animation studio. However, with so many studios claim to be the best on the market, it is not easy to choose one. so, how would you find the following are some tips that will help you to get it right.

# 1 Work Request

It’s easy to get lured by showing that the studio put up on their website. Therefore, you should not take it as a full factor, dependent. Ask prospective studio to show some of their work. You can watch some video animation, if you have made any, or you can also ask them to show some of the characters have been animated by them. by looking at the work, you will be able to at least make out whether the company concerned would be able to understand your needs and can work appropriate or not. Do check the quality of work as well.

# 2 Testimonials Check

Testimonials are a great way to cross-check the authenticity of the work of the company. You can check the LinkedIn profile of the company. Check out his reviews, ratings and recommendations on its website along with testimonials. Reviews and ratings will help you to get your candidate credibility studio. Verifying testimonials will help you to decide whether to go for it or not. Any good company will not hesitate to provide information about the studio.

# 3 Get to Know the Process

3D character animation does not play for children. It takes a skilled and knowledgeable hands wide, not to mention the mastery of a complex process. A good animation studio will not mind the pain from their explanation should give to their prospective clients. The problem is that most prospective clients do not bother to go into the process, which is a blunder. 3D character animation process involves several techniques that character modeling, rigging, texturing, etc. You do not need to cram yourself with all the knowledge about the development of the 3D character. But if the company is able to explain the basics, at least you can be sure that they know their stuff.

# 4 Check Your Wallet

At last but not the least, do not forget to set the money. After all that, you will be the one to pay so that you have the right to get all the information you can about the company’s development price tag. The idea is that the 3D character animation often come at great cost. But, do not take the word to anyone until you find yourself. Compare rates would be a good way to find a good deal. However, do not go for any company just because it is cheap. If you get quality work at a slightly higher cost, the price is worth it.

a careful analysis of the points mentioned above will prove helpful in making a good choice. However, once you choose a good 3D Animation Studio, make sure that you communicate your ideas and needs really like that can make a big difference in the end the job.

Animated Explainer Video: Creating Engagement to Clients

What is an animation Explainer Video?
Video animation that explains this is a short video that used to involve your audience both online and offline. In most cases the animated explainer videos usually explain what you do, or what your company or product is all about. Many companies worldwide have been leveraging the power of video that explains the animation to simplify complex ideas and concepts for customers and prospects. This has helped them very well increase their sales and build their brands.

large and small companies alike have experienced the power of this animated video that explains in marketing their products, explain the complex procedures, teach what they do and offer. They also have seen an increase in their Return of Investment, an increasing number of clients and prospects for creating video responsive engagement.

What is a video that explains the animation and how it is produced? Just as I have shown in the sub paragraphs above, this is an interesting short video animations that can be placed on a website. Video animations can also be used for TV advertising to explain with a simple and effective manner who you are and what you do.

There are several stages where it converts explainer video you are going through. The first manufacturer of video requires a highly converting video script written by a highly skilled copywriter. Copywriter should be able to synthesize your sales message or idea into a 150 word script that will communicate your message clearly and to the point.

Script video is the most important element when it comes to video that explains the animation because the script will make or break video. A video script is good and the quality had to summarize the message in one minute duration lid is standard for most video. Nonetheless, most of the video that explains the animation has a range of 1 to 2 minutes long and every minute is approximately 150 words when it counted.

copywriter must therefore ensure that the message will be passed must be within 150 words count for one minute video or more. The script should be written in such a way that the audience will engage awesomely when watching video. The script should have a very clear call to action that will allow viewers to take certain actions that are granted after watching the video.

After making sure that you have a script created with good video and well written you, then you need a voice over for your video. You can choose to have your own sound over produced themselves or engage a professional voice over artist. I prefer to recommend a professional artist to do the job just because you may have the right script with the right message but a bad or poorly recorded voice-over can send the wrong signal to your audience.

Once you have ensured that good and high sound quality are better prepared. The producers of the video then choose to have the storyboards created to visualize how the video will look like. In this case storyboard artist gifted with the right skills to describe the video through the script was given the task of bringing your ideas to life.

Storyboard artist created a video on a scene by scene basis of the consent of the clients who want the resulting video. Approval of the storyboard by the client will mean that the video ended up having to move to the final stage which is the stage of production.

.. Then the final video production phase will start after all the other stages of completion stage will involve an animated video to match the sound may not only involve mere animated explainer videos; every aspect of the animation should reflect the message to be passed and engagement is needed. the audience must stick to the video until the end.

And after the final animated explainer videos to the right format is produced, it can be uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing sites to create more views. It can also be placed on a web site on the landing page of the website for site visitors.

Animation – It Has Life In It

‘Animations’ word itself bespeaks hard that he has life in it. It is all about putting life into characters and models and make them look real and life like. The story continues, for a couple of years ago when it became an animator is like a dream come true. But down twenty years, the dream is practically impossible, for many to achieve. Then it became a great animator, means going to college, studying illustration graduation degree or maybe if you are lucky enough you might get yourself an apprentice to a professional animator. was previously a mere diploma. But today the way to becoming an animator easier because many colleges that offer degree programs in animation certified.

Disney Dream is no longer tangible. With the advent of Pixar, Toy Story 3D, aspirations soar in the eyes dreamy and animation industries should be changed forever. As a result, the demand for animators, including both traditional and 3D visual effects gets increased with the success of any film in 3D. However, during the economic recession worldwide, industry booming viewed setback. But the spirit of the animators really can not be cans down and they fight our way out. opponents should not be allowed to dominate your spirit. Your goal is to put life into every non-life characters and bring them closer to people’s hearts and lives. The challenge is to make them appear so real that people can relate to them and longed to see them even after the film get more. they become like a real super hero, that the fans are crazy about them. Films such as Madagascar, Ice Age and Despicable Me gets made into a sequel because there is a great stir among the community for character animation.

You may have dreamed of becoming an animator all your life, but always discouraged his own, just because you are not very skilled when it comes to image. You may have heard that it is the basis for the animation is a draw. He is good at sketching or drawing sees its future as a good animator. Then let me tell you, that drawing is an important part of the animation, but not the only thing about animation. Do not be intimidated if you are changing for the worse in the drawing? berbakatsecara not everyone is naturally talented. But it is through practice that one can acquire expertise in skills. Drawing is like a muscle that needs to buckle everyday, make your will and strong skills with each passing day.It takes a lot to become an animator. every shot like a new challenge even for an experienced animator. to produce an animation is of good quality, is no easy task. Learning animation does not end with school courses animation. This is only the beginning. animation of each new character is a new chapter that requires thorough study. People should be careful and observant in his work. It’s like your baby to whom you put into life and allow it to breathe.